Here you can find my completed jobs and some artworks. è un'azienda italiana che opera nel settore delle telecomunicazioni, il portale offre una panoramica sull'operato dell'azienda ed una mappa interattiva che mostra le postazioni gestite. --- è il portale dell'omonimo bar localizzato nel centro storico di Salerno. Il sito ha una navigazione insolita, un esperimento nato da un'idea. --- è una vetrina online per la vendita di orologgi di lusso nuovi ed usati; il portale si interfaccia con un'applicazione ios sviluppata ad-hoc per la gestione degli inserimenti, e degli articoli online. is an online showcase about luxury watches; the website is connected with an ios application developed ad-hoc for an easy handling of the new watches or already published articles. nasce con l'intento di connettere Architetti, Designers ed Artisti che portano avanti l’idea di progetto collettivo inteso come frutto della collaborazione tra più figure professionali. born with the mission of connect Architects, Designers and Artists who like the idea of collaborative projects, where many professional figures share their knowlege to solve a common problem. The contents of the website are Insatgram based. è un sito in memoria di un ex senatore del Parlamento Italiano; esso prese parte all'Assemblea Costituente dove nacque la Costituzione Italiana. This website is in memory of a ex senator of the Italian Parliament; he took part to the Costituente Assembly where the Italian Constitution has been made. è un archivio bibliografico di Letteratura ed Arte; il portale offre la possibilitò di ricercare argomenti con un singolo Soggetto in comune. is a public archive of Literature and Arts it offer the ability to research arguments that have a single Subject in common. è una lotteria open-source basata sulla valuta Bitcoin, tutto il codice dietro OpenLottery è libero e può essere consultato da chiunque in qualsiasi momento. is an open source bitcoin-based web lottery. The code and all the files behind the OpenLottery platform are public, and can be consulted from anybody at anytime. è un eCommerce specializzato nella vendita di parti di ricambio ed accessori per motocicli; il portale riflette la vetrina dell'omonimo negozio presente a Salerno in via Lungomare Colombo is an eCommerce specialized in the sale of spare parts for motorcycles and scooters, that reflects the showcase of the homonymous shop located in Salerno - Campania. Il sito di un omonimo ristorante presente a Den Haag (Olanda). is the site of the restaurant located in the center of DenHaag - The Hague (Netherlands). The Website offers a gallery of images and the ability to book online.

Storyline brings on your iPhone all the History's known events (supplied by Wikipedia) and provides a simple and fast way to consult them.

Bitstamp Mobile is a mirror of the popular bitcoin exchange and offer to the user the possibility to trade Bitcoin on mobile.

Mapper tries to replicate the fascinating way to discover new places by swiping a globe

Seacretly come from a challenge done in t he Apple Academy 2017-18 by a team of iOS enthusiasts knows as Team Blended


aTemporaryShop try to fill the gap between private space owners and little artisans. The service fully embrace the sharing economy ideology offering a a simple and fordable tool that helps it’s users to maximize their revenue. The project won the #YouStartIT 2018 call at MITA in Malta.

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OPENLottery is an opensource, free and transparent bitcoin-based web lottery. I developed the website and the API and managed a bitcoin full node using RPC calls. The idea at the base of the project is to make a trustable lottery with a proof-of-fair. When I’ve started this project my main goal was to dive deep into the Bitcoin protocol.

SimpleChain is a super-simple blockchain with the implementation of proof-of-work, it is written in swift as an iPhone app. I’ve started this project as educational purpose to learn the swift syntax and to understand how the blockchain works.

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The idea of SMART is to create a expositive space where amateur artisans, makers and visual artists can meet, expose their creations and share their techniques in little workshops. The idea was developed by me and a friend of mine, as a project to present in a public space of our city.

Download SMART whitepaper 0.1

“Internet “is (not) a game” is a project developed for Kaspersky Lab Italia and Giffoni Innovation HUB. The final product is an iPad game for children that aim to teach how to surf internet in a safe way. I took part into this project as a DreamTeam member at Giffoni Innovation Hub.

WeedFinder is a Telegram Bot that can help you to find the strain or the breeder that you are looking for. It is connected to using their API service. I developed this project to learn how to use the Bot features offered by Telegram.